Functional Minimalist Home With Brave Colours Bespoke Installations

Functional Minimalist Home With Brave Colours  Bespoke Installations

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The design for this 107 sq m home in Moscow, Russia, was visualised by Design Rocks with functional minimalism in mind. Keeping only what was deemed to be useful, or brought joy to the homeowners. The minimalist home is not devoid of design though, neither does it reside under a blanket of plain white on every wall, floor, ceiling or furniture upholstery. This place has a selection of simplistic room designs with a punch. Star features are the strong and gutsy colour choices, cherished plants, large artwork and interesting bespoke installations such as a clear fronted closet and the unusual layout of a welcoming square entryway with a central focal point.

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A large chaise sofa has a gently mauve tint that adds a little warmth to the minimalistic scheme, as does a careful selection of soft pink accents seen here as pink pots for healthy indoor plants and on a useful coffee table tray. The coffee table itself is a low profile design with a base shelf beneath the top, which allows for a small selection of current reading material to be stored temporarily.

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The marble base and black cutaway of the fireplace runs the entire length of the living room, from an exposed flame at one end to a comfortable modern accent chair at the other.

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Above the fireplace, a flatscreen TV has been recessed into the wall to keep things smooth and uncluttered.

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The chimney breast above the open flames is tiled in pale marble.

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Although the room dimensions are quite narrow and encompasses large items of furniture, the minimal aesthetic presents the room as spacious, open and airy.

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Sliding glass doors open onto another uplifting plant display back in the home entryway.

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A large but simplistic example of contemporary art is propped against the wall by the sofa. This is lit by two neat matching floor lamps that have a small footprint, and are adjustable in height. The lamps double up in use whilst located in this position; they are able to be utilised as either picture lights or as reading lamps when someone is relaxing on the chaise of the sofa.

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The light kitchen cabinets are arranged in a wrap around L-shape, with the upper cabinets selected in a subtly contrasting wood tone. A small selection of canisters storing dried foods and frequently used cooking oils make a useful display.

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Situated in the kitchen, a round dining table is encircled by four modern dining chairs. Above the table is an interesting trio of black dining pendants. These shades would throw linear patterns over the plain surrounding walls when lit.

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The backsplash and kitchen countertop are black, matching the dining chairs and pendant light shades.

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Waist height wooden panelling has been mounted along the hallway and into the kitchen diner to break up the blank white wall. This adds a little visual warmth as well as avoiding the usual bumps and scuffs that accumulate on the lower half of painted walls in high traffic rooms and walk-throughs.

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In the home office we are met by an intensely green scheme. If you pay heed to colour study, the colour green is said to evoke feelings of being energised, so this could prove useful in a work or study situation.

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Double workspaces are becoming more and more common in the home due to an increasing amount of people working remotely, or just having to bring excess workload home with them. The two desk chairs and monitors in this home tell us this is the situation here. Luckily the built-in desk is long enough to comfortably sit two at a pleasant window location. A file shelf is wall mounted at the side of one of the workstations, while a table lamp sits at the other.

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There is also a sofa in the home office that could double as an extra bed if needed.

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In the master bedroom the bed is snuggled into a recess beneath a selection of wall cupboards. Two bedside table lamps light the wood covered recess, creating a cosy glow around the sleep space.

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The bedside cabinets are low to dip beneath the base of the leather platform bed, these stand in place of legs at the head of the bed.

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Beneath the bed a large area rug warms the space underfoot.

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A low level console holds nothing on its surface but a large dressing mirror and two succulent planters.

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The minimal capsule wardrobe can be viewed through glass doors, which keep the garments free from dust. LED strip lighting illuminate the collection in a boutique fashion.

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Simple window treatments give the bedroom privacy whilst keeping the room scheme looking like a place of simple relaxation.

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One of the homes bathrooms has an extremely dark scheme, a cocoon of deep mocha.

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A light wall mounted vanity unit and white ceramic sanitaryware are the only bright elements in the room.

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A second bathroom is the polar opposite. The colour scheme in here is heavenly bright and glowing. Beige wall tiles are bathed in light from LED strip lights around the perimeter of the ceiling. The centre of the mirror is lit by more LEDs, in an elliptical design.

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The home entryway is a welcoming square shaped layout where a unique planter has been installed as a type of room divider, causing footfall to flow around it when accessing the various rooms of the home.

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The floor to ceiling planter design is lit from within and flanked by two handy bench seats.

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