3 Tiny Interiors With Space Saving Adult Loft Beds

3 Tiny Interiors With Space Saving Adult Loft Beds

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Home buyers are settling into smaller places in response to soaring property prices. When faced with the dilemma of furnishing a limited space, ingenious home layout is key. Bespoke furniture design is able to make use of every square inch available, and can incorporate storage into every available nook and cranny. Sometimes bespoke furniture can even create a whole extra level within a single story home; loft beds take the single biggest piece in the room and lift it right out of the equation. These three tiny apartment tours show how a lofted bed can leave room for a more spacious lounge, a dedicated home office or a generous closet.

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  • Designer: Studio Bazi
Our first home is a designers flat measuring just 35 square metres, located in Russia, Moscow. As a flat for a young couple, the living and dining zones were designed to be flexible in order to accomodate a social scene. By moving the sofa and extending the neighbouring dining table it’s easy to accommodate up to ten guests. In order to allow this space, a double bed was built into a custom lofted box in one corner of the open plan living area.

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Stairs leading up to the wooden sleep box can hold one person standing comfortably at full height, and the steps are also utilised as valuable storage space. A privacy curtain can be drawn across the loft bed if needed. When the curtain is drawn back, the elevated platform has a view over the whole flat and through the windows, making it a cosy place just to relax in as well as to sleep.

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Another curtain draws back to reveal the entrance, a closet, wall cupboards and a shoe storage unit.

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A bank of cabinets have been built around the television to house all of the couples other belongings. The furniture and lighting in the apartment are by IKEA.

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The rustic finish of the bespoke installation appears warm and inviting.

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A storage system has been included beneath the sleeping platform, providing further closet space and shelves.

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The interior of the boxed loft bed is clad with pine panels, which visually defines the area. A mini storage cubbie is created by extending into the side of the cabinets situated over the top of the closet by the entrance. The bedside nook holds an electrical outlet and a small selection of books.

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Over by the windows, the dining table seats two before it is extended.

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A dedicated home office area has been included within this very small apartment by nestling a desk into an alcove, and hanging a few wall shelves.

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Handmade Iranian tiles brighten the white kitchen in a nod to the Iranian origin of the homeowners.

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A painted teapot suits the colours of the kitchen tiling.

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Blue patterned tiles cover the bathroom.

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Bird ornaments adorn a basic vanity unit.

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We can see the substantial amount of storage that has been created in the small apartment on this revealing diagram.

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  • Architect: Olha Wood
This cute small space belongs to an architect.

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Bookshelves have been recessed into a nook beside a high window. A swing arm wall lamp provides reading light over a neat sofa.

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An Eames style bird perches on the window ledge, looking as though a feathered friend has made it onto the wrong side of the window pane.

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Raised sleeping quarters are disguised as a solid wooden volume that rests upon a white partition wall.

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A modern home office is situated beneath the sleeping volume, making the most of the existing space.

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A floating staircase takes the homeowner up to bed, and lets the maximum amount of natural light flow from the window through to the home office space.

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An upholstered double bed and headboard sits on the loft level.

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Some stylish cat furniture near the bed gives the feline inhabitant their own place to hideaway–though they seem to prefer the big bed!

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A laptop stand doubles as a lightweight side table in the living room. At the far end, the kitchen is viewable from the lounge.

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The kitchen manifests as a single central island.

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Kitchen gadgets and plants make use of the windowsills.

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  • Visualizer: Room Design Buro
Our last layout has a built-in sofa that doubles as dining room banquette seat. It appears that a set of drawers have been incorporated beneath the space saving seating too.

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A dining chair on the other side makes this a table for two. A low hanging dining pendant light makes the offbeat eating area look more permanently placed.

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Opposite the sofa is a furniture system that incorporates a loft bed, accessible through a narrow doorway.

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A television unit and bookshelves span the side of the entry.

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The staircase to the raised bed pulls out to reveal garment hanging space in a low-level closet.

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In the space behind the TV and bookshelves there are a number of cupboards.

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In this reveal, we can see that having a loft bed creates enough room to store the homeowners bicycle cleanly out of sight.

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A generously sized kitchen has also been made possible.

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