Art Lovers Red Blue and Green Home Decor Scheme

Art Lovers Red Blue and Green Home Decor Scheme

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A striking vision of rich colour, this 80 square metre modern apartment interior was designed by ATO Studio. Located in Moscow, Russian Federation Area, the home has a seriously arty air throughout. The lounge holds two modern paintings in colours that seem to have been the muse for this decor scheme - both in palette and cubist nature. Unusual contemporary furniture design, bespoke shelving units, wall and ceiling paint colours and tiling are a clashing concoction of solid bold green, deep blue and muted reds that transition from rich russet tones all the way through to the brink of pink. White spaces and wood tone balance the colourful scene.

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  • Visualizer: Kirill Vill
A gallery wall remains white in the living room, where two pieces of inspirational art is displayed within wainscot style framing. Another two walls are painted solid sage green, whilst a third and the floor are muted russet-brown. The darker colours in the room eat up the natural light coming from a large window but a white ceiling helps to lift the scheme.

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The colours in the paintings are not the only part of the artwork to be replicated within the decor. The angular shapes can be seen echoed in the shape of two contemporary accent chairs that have been upholstered in light grey as a break from the rooms deep colour palette. Circular shapes have also been brought out of the paintings, translated into a round coffee table and a rug motif.

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A single green cushion brightens the look of deep blue sofa upholstery. The legs of the dark sofa are a light beechwood to contrast. A small side table matches the ruddy tones of the floor and window wall.

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A minimalist style floor lamp stands beside the accent chairs and a cushioned window seat.

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The windows are finished with simple white venetian blinds.

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Beneath the television, the TV console unit is a bespoke design in a colourway that matches the style of the room and artwork perfectly. The cabinet doors are alternating hues of blue, black and russet with disguised geometric handles. A blue Tam-Tam side table matches the circular blue speakers of a sound system on top of the console unit.

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The TV set itself is contained within a slender frame that holds narrow panes of glass around its sides. No decorative items have been placed on its glass surfaces – these are reserved for the bespoke shelving units that flank the doorway between the living area and the hallway.

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A small selection of books and a blue elephant figurine occupy one of the double sided display spots.

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The mix and match colour story continues in the dining area and adjoining kitchen.

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The bespoke shelving units hold a selection of decorative ceramics which suit the proximity to the dining room. The ruddy brown framing of the display and storage units are echoed out in the hall, in the framework of closet doors.

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The dining table is an unusual black and green design.

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The kitchen that stands behind the dining suite holds a combination of green and grey cabinets and a pale red backsplash.

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A large modern chandelier with glass shades is suspended over the dining table. A similar chandelier can be found here.

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The table centrepiece is small and simple. In a interior design as colourful as this, not a lot of extra adornment is needed.

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Modern dining chairs have dark blue upholstery over light beechwood frames.

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Kitchen gadgetry is all of a vivid lime green colourway.

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The kitchen sink is smoothly integrated into the workbench, completed with a modern nickel faucet.

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The items on display in the living room can be viewed from the opposite side in the hallway.

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A cushioned bench seat has been incorporated into the design of the display units located by the entry door.

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The hallway floor has a crackle design.

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In the master bedroom, a striking red bed is matched by a red acrylic chair and radiator. A pair of gold wall sconces cast light over rose coloured side tables.

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The headboard wall is decorated with green frond print wallpaper, matching a green painted bedroom floor.

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A blue area rug contrasts with the tomato red bed.

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The red tinted acrylic vanity chair sits at a shallow table in front of a large round mirror.

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In a home study area, a black and red desk chair matches a dark wood and red framed work desk.

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A red frame runs around the edge of the headboard feature wall.

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An ensuite bathroom holds a blue vanity unit.

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The blue vanity unit is mounted onto a wall of white and pink tiles.

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Matching tiling surrounds the bathtub and over bath shower.

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A mirrored wall cabinet completes the vanity area.

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Above the bathroom tiling, walls are dark green to deepen the scheme. The green upper wall is matched by recessed green cubby shelves by the toilet and inside the shower enclosure. The shelves are lit from within by LED strip lights.

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The wardrobe doors of a kids’ room are painted in chalkboard paint to give the little ones a place to artistically express themselves. The floor around a set of red bunkbeds has been quirkily divided into three sections: one wood, one pink painted wood, and one smooth green section by the desk.

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The double workspace spans the windows for good daytime reading light. A pink wall shelf displays a selection of photographs and plants.

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In the kids’ ensuite bathroom, a red vanity unit contrasts with bottle green wall tiles.

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A deep blue ceiling caps the scheme.

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