Scandinavian Style Interior Infused With Garden Greenery

Scandinavian Style Interior Infused With Garden Greenery

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Not only is this Scandinavian style apartment layered with elements of gorgeous green home decor, but living greenery thrives here too. The apartment has no actual garden to speak of, and instead looks out high above city views of St.Petersburg. Lack of outdoor space is common at inner city homes, but it doesn’t stop a homeowner hankering for all that is natural and life-affirming. A few indoor plants can make a flourish but visualiser Nikolay Limansky has also brought in an illuminated living wall that gives the illusion of a garden window, patterned green tile that hints at grassy pastures underfoot and graphic green horizons.

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A zen message sets the tone in the living room from Inhale-Exhale art prints over the sofa. The sofa is upholstered in an energised shade of green, and accessorised with geometric scatter cushions. A copper floor lamp, which is the Adesso lamp, complements the green decor in the room. The lush living wall is lit from within a wooden frame that’s crossed by slats; the combination gives the effect of a courtyard window. The modern coffee table is a Live edge one, which adds to the garden feel.

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A marbled rug looks organic at floor level.

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Corner shelving has been layered with an abundance of cascading hanging plants and cacti.

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On the other side of the interior window, a breakfast bar faces the glass. Four small white pendant lights are suspended at different lengths over the wooden countertop to add interest. A grey and wood dining table chair combination stands in an elegant set of four at the centre of the same room, matching a raw grey concrete feature wall.

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The central formal dining spot is crowned with a cluster of three dining pendant lights. A block of succulent planters fill each window sill, adding a row of greenery to a grey urban rooftop view.

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Sprigs of greenery and a simple fruit bowl decorate the rustic live-edge breakfast bar. An L-shaped kitchen runs around the two solid walls of the room. At one end of the units, a bank of shelving contains a selection of spices and dry foods in uniform glass jars, lit by the dedicated glow of LED strip lighting.

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A bright green kitchen backsplash cuts between white kitchen cabinets.

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Natural light spills through a large window onto floor tiles that have delicate green and white pattern, like a daisy sprinkled lawn. Window frames and a bench seat are of a soft green colourway too. Scatter cushions are a deep water blue, and wooden wall decor represents the trees.

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A set of simple wall shelves make the room into a reading nook.

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On a covered-in balcony, hanging planters drape greenery above a modern outdoor chair, their tendrils tumbling down a full length white window curtain. A selection of textured planters and tealight holders make another pretty display.

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Mirrored closet doors reflect a walk-in wardrobe on the opposite side of the entrance to the bedroom.

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An L-shaped closet system neatly divides garments and accessories into hanging rail sections, garment shelves, concealed drawers and accessory cubbies.

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The walk-in closet is divided from the main sleeping area by a wooden slatted wall; the remaining bedroom space fits a double bed cosily. Two slimline copper bedroom pendant lights are suspended over small bedside shelves.

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A tree mural creates a sense of space and freshness from the great outdoors over the headboard feature wall. From behind the wooden headboard, LED strip lights cast a glow at the base of the pictured tree trunks, like the setting sun on the horizon.

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The open slatted design of the closet wall allows natural light from the windows to flow through.

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A long makeup vanity offers two mirrored spots to sit at, though one side is being put to use as a computer desk. A flat screen TV occupies the space inbetween.

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We find another double workspace inside the kids’ bedroom. Two desktop computers occupy the worktop, which leads directly into a shelving unit. Other shelves, two chests of drawers and several cupboards complete a bespoke storage wall all set to tame a double haul of toys, books and belongings. For more ideas, check out these shared kids’ rooms.

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A striking kids’ chalkboard wall has been fashioned by mounting a zigzag of wooden beading from floor to ceiling, then filling one side of the divided wall with blackboard paint.

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The storage units are finished in mint green, with a wood clad television nook.

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A kids’ gym is fixed by unique bunk beds.

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Stairs to the top bunk double as storage; a wooden map on the side makes fun and educational kid’s decor.

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Calming neutrals surround a bathroom vanity.

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A horizon of green hills and grey mountains climb behind the tub.

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This second shower room follows the same green, white and grey palette.

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Copper accents add a luxurious sheen.

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A green interior door blends with the scheme.

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The shower doors have stand-out framing, like the interior windows in the living area.

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Rather than camouflaging with the light wall, rich wood doors become a design feature.

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An adjacent feature wall adds eye-catching chevron pattern in wood tones.

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