Two Natural Family Homes With Plans

Two Natural Family Homes With Plans

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These two individual home designs are each inspired by the colours of the forest, and a variety of natural materials have been used throughout to honour nature’s palette. Muted hues of green, slate grey and stone, plus rich woodtones make up the majority of the decor in these modern spaces. Despite their similarities, the two homes each carry their very own distinctive vibe. Home design number one is a cool and sophisticated chill pad with a controlled layout and sleek finish, whereas our second reads as a more relaxed family oriented place with a warm and homey feel. Take the tours to see which one would best suit you.

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  • Designer: Marra Group
Our first featured apartment, a design entitled ‘Hazel’, is a two bedroom flat for a young family. The home is filled with only natural materials in order to feel like a sanctuary away from the modern world of plastics and buzzing electronic gadgetry.

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Floor lamps with a multitude of shades match the shapes in a piece of botanical artwork. The canvas is propped casually upon the floor by the L-shaped fabric sofa, adding a little colour to proceedings. Some living greenery echoes its tones on the other side of the room.

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More indoor plants top a wooden feature wall behind the sofa.

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A modern chandelier hangs above a contemporary round dining table, which is large enough for six settings. Artwork carries the green theme through from the lounge, as does a long planter full of foliage below the windows. Floor length taupe window drapes soften the look of the space, and add warmth to the white scheme.

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Two kitchen bar stools sit at a central kitchen island beneath a low hanging modern bar light.

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The combination of dark stained kitchen cabinets and solid grey worktops create a dramatic effect. White walls prevent the design from appearing overly dark.

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At one side of the open plan living space, clear glass doors slide away to allow access to the master bedroom. More floor length taupe curtains provide privacy in the bedroom when required.

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Access to the master en suite bathroom can be gained between a pair of deep stained wooden closets.

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Pure white bedroom pendant lights hang over the bedside tables, almost lost against the white painted wall.

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A home office is set up by the window in the master suite.

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In the bathroom we find much of the room clad in grey marble, with the floor, bath panel and vanity counter all matching.

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The kid’s decor in this home takes a little break from the sombre tones seen elsewhere, with a scheme that introduces a wash of mellow yellow. Geometric pattern over the bed clothes picks up the pace too.

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A climbing wall creeps across the width of the room as a headboard feature wall, extending over the bedside unit and a kids’ easel by the window.

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The child’s desk has been placed across the width of the window, with a set of drawers beneath for storage. The drawers are set upon castors to allow them to be repositioned by a child with ease.

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The tv wall decor is a series of bookshelves – this could have been a better place for the climbing wall to allow the child to reach those high books!

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The bedside table lamp is a bright blue colour in stark contrast to the rest of the yellow and light wood grain decor.

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Black and white tiles cover the inside of the shower enclosure, and the height of the toilet cistern wall.

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In the hallway a large mirror reflects the kitchen diner.

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The hallway storage cupboards are what form the wooden feature wall behind the sofa in the lounge.

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  • Designer: TheNovemberDesign
Our second featured home welcomes us into a brighter, more relaxed home style. A much lighter woodtone fills this scheme, with an unexpected flash of red. The accent chair is a red version of the Eames plywood chair.

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A kids’ book ledge provides the younger member of the family with some convenient reading material, alongside the parents wall mounted magazine rack. A couple of kids’ stools and a wooden scooter gives a choice of little places to perch.

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The family room is kept cool by a modern ceiling fan, and lies open to a home office area.

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The office desk is actually just one end of the family dining table, with an ergonomic desk chair pulled up at one end. A shelving unit holds a menagerie of office supplies plus a selection of the family’s shoes.

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The multipurpose modern home office is lit by a long pendant light over the table. A couple of spotlights shed task lighting over the shelving units.

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Further storage has been fashioned in the wall behind the home office/dining room. Chunky wooden shelves house printer units, a stock of paper and other heavy items. Concealed storage on the other side hides clutter from view.

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The whole open plan room is a free-flowing family space.

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Just beyond the built-in storage units is a kids’ room.

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A glass partition divides the kitchen from the living room.

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Bird themed window stickers decorate the glass.

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A simple modern wall sconce is mounted above a floor bed in the laid back master bedroom.

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From this view we can see that the bed is accessed via a set of steps on a dual level floor.

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