Small Apartment With Space Saving Ideas And Multifunctional Furniture

Small Apartment With Space Saving Ideas And Multifunctional Furniture

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This very compact apartment design, created by KC Design Studio, has made optimal use of the available space. In it we find an ingenious swing out dining table idea, a bespoke room divider that incorporates storage shelves, and a mezzanine bedroom with an open plan master closet/dressing area. A concrete backdrop sets a simplified industrial vibe, and wood clad volumes add in a warmer aesthetic. An industrial style kitchen means the ducting can be left fashionably on display, rather than opting for bulky boxing that would visually close in the space. Furniture is minimal and almost always multifunctional, which is a necessity in such a small living space.

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Since the dining table in this room is a moving part, a stationary pendant light would be an odd choice because it would hang low over nothing once the table is returned to its original position. Instead, a swing arm wall lamp with a long reach extends out over the dining table; the lamp can be redirected over to the living room or closer to the kitchen bench if desired. The sofa stands on slender legs to display more of the floor area, which helps to make the lounge appear larger.

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The pull-out dining table allows the homeowners to dine comfortably opposite each other, rather than huddled up facing a concrete wall.

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The walls remain raw concrete throughout the home, which creates a laid back minimalist look with an industrial chic vibe. A black marble backsplash extends well beyond the kitchen countertop, out into the dining area to define the kitchen diner from the lounge. Open shelving in the kitchen holds just a couple of useful cookbooks, and a green trailing plant. A useful rail runs the full length of the one wall kitchen, beneath the cooker hood and kitchen shelf, to hang cooking utensils food prep gadgets where they are most needed.

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The dining table and chair can disappear from the small living space in an instant. The table is pivoted to run flush with the wall, where it works as an extension of the kitchen countertop. The chairs disappear to one side.

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A monochrome scatter cushion and throw add extra comfort and styling to the simple sofa.

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The tv is held within a bespoke room divider with storage shelves. The dividing wall separates the lounge, kitchen, and dining room from a home office area and a mezzanine bedroom – though its unusual shape means that the separate spaces do not feel too blocked off or closed in.

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It is possible to see the desk space in the home office down the right hand side of the room divider. The steps to access the slightly lower level study are located on the left.

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Because the shelves of the unique room divider are open on both sides, conversation and life can flow freely and unobstructed.

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The stairs to the mezzanine bedroom climb behind the shelving unit, with the base section doubling as a run of storage units for the home office. A black desktop runs off the other side of the cabinets to complete the workspace.

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Plentiful windows bathe the made-to-measure desk in natural light. A matching black desk chair sits poised at the long worktop, which is large enough for two to share.

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Gold pendant lights hang down past the mezzanine bedroom volume, and peep out just over the desk at ground level.

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Black window blinds match the dark desk and chair set.

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A modern chair nestles under the mezzanine next to a wall of repositional shelves.

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The adjustable wall shelving can be shuffled around on a whim to suit the needs of the neighbouring study area or to house books for this reading corner. The shelving also provides a decorative element to the living room opposite.

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Wood panels clad the inside of the reading nook, and cover the mezzanine platform above. The wood grain has a beautifully warming effect on the rest of the industrial interior styling.

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The unusual shape of the dividing wall is actually a cunning part of the staircase design, as it can also be used as a handrail.

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We can see here how concrete steps lead down to the reading nook and home office, and how the office storage unit forms a pivoting stair that gives access to metal risers toward the mezzanine.

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The mezzanine bedroom has a view of the kitchen diner and lounge area.

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Up in the bedroom, the wall of adjustable shelving continues from the study area below. The shelves and storage cubbies make perfect bedside units. Track lighting and a mini pendant light provide illumination.

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A floor bed makes best use of the low ceilinged space. A chunky headboard visually divides the room into a sleep zone and an open plan closet/dressing area.

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Multiple hanging rails, shelving volumes and chests of drawers provide a surprising amount of clothes storage space up here in the rafters. A blush pink colour softly envelops the entire closet system.

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Back down in the industrial style kitchen, the dining table extension and chairs have been fully returned to an incognito position. The timber cabinets have a beautiful rawness to them, which achieves perfect balance with the weightly concrete backdrop.

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The wooden kitchen, wood mezzanine volume and wood clad reading nook work harmoniously with one another, creating one cohesive look throughout the interior.

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