Huge Property In Indonesia Risen From Raw Concrete Architecture

Huge Property In Indonesia Risen From Raw Concrete Architecture

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Approximately 5600 square metres of land in Bandung, Indonesia, became the build site for this luxury family home. Architectural firm Andramatin, known for their clean and modern approach to architecture, designed the IH Residence in solid volumes of raw concrete and vast plains of glass. A huge structure with abundant functions was realised, whilst the vastness of the landscape was retained. It follows the nature of the elongated and sloping site with a long indented footprint, centrally positioned to facilitate cross-ventilation from the town’s cool and crisp climate. Plentiful terraces, balconies, and wide pools around the perimeter bring balance to the building’s dominating mass.

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Bandung, in West Java province, has high rain precipitation each year. In response to this climate the house has been given a wide set of eaves to take on the rainfall, as well as to shelter the interior from direct sunlight. They stretch as far as six metres, overhanging the terraces and pools.

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A brutalist house exterior rises out of the green landscape, which equates to around the same square footage as the house itself.

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There are many trees around the plot, some of which line the edge of the huge outdoor pool.

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Glass walls open the home interior up to the beautiful natural views that surround it. The clear glass facade also helps in making the overall mass of the imposing structure to appear lighter.

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Because of the low density neighborhood and the sheer scale of the site, onlooking neighbours are not of any concern to the owners of the glass sided house.

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Across the sloping nature of the site, the landscape inspires a playful emphasis on different build heights and varying circulations.

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Long ramps and elongated corridors are complimented with reflecting pools and peaceful views.

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Despite the lack of onlooking neighbours, the feeling of intimacy was still food for thought. The slope climbs from the south to the north, and at the North the landscape has been carved away. This means that the building at this end rests inside a cosy enclosure deep within its own perimeter.

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Inside the home there is an open airy flow of lounge meets kitchen and dining room. Spacious expanses of glossy floor stretch the walkways between all three. The back of an L-shaped modern sofa marks a clear border around the lounge, cornering a rectangle coffee table. A stylish lounge chair duo are seated on the other edge of the area rug to face the garden view. An Arco floor lamp adds height to the furniture arrangement.

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The rectangle dining table is a huge solid wood and concrete piece of craftsmanship, teamed with Wegner wishbone style dining chairs. A delicate glass chandelier glints in the daylight, falling from a raw concrete ceiling.

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The bedroom is encased in a border of rich wood closets, other than one massive wall of glass doors that open out onto the poolside.

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Even the bathroom is opened up to the view. A luxury freestanding bathtub and a huge shower enclosure soak up the sights.

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The same rich wood tone and neutral hues flow through the entire house, to form one flowing sense of calm and serenity.

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A wood and glass modern staircase design climbs by a Koi fish pond.

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A majestic tree grows at the centre of the reflection pool.

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This beauty spot visually connects two volumes of the house.

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Vast terraces draw the footprint of the house wider and longer.

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nterior light spills out over the pools and decks late at night.

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Outdoor LEDs prick pinholes of light in the lawn, and dramatise the trees.

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Concrete columns march along an outdoor corridor.

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Secretive wood panels conceal hidden doorways.

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A side view of the first bedroom we visited reveals that a home workspace is tucked discreetly behind the headboard. The glass wall bathroom is not so discreet!

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The beauty of the ancient tree reflects in still waters.

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Part of the land works as a service area in the front of the site. A basement is sunk three meters lower than the main part of the house.

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The recess serves as a parking drive.

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A sloping pathway leads up one side of the driveway.

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Cascading greenery curtains one side of the walkway.

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Despite the cold concrete exterior of the build, it’s the interior warm wooden volumes that prevail to make the home appear warm and welcoming. Indoor plants pull the garden beyond the glass wall divide to intrinsically link all living spaces.

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Wooden slats wall another section of modern staircase design, letting natural light pass through whilst screening direct line of sight.

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Smooth wooden decks crisscross with concrete patios, keeping walkways flat and fluid. Emerald green lawn carpets the negative space.

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The outermost perimeter of the plot is shielded by towering mature trees that meet the sky.

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Dual aspect windows draw a crystal clear border around another stunning bathroom design. A concrete shower bench cuts across one of the large windows inside of a bespoke glass enclosure, which stands next to an equally transparent glass toilet cubicle. The tub has a view of it all, and of a small TV set in the corner.

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Basement floor plan.

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Ground floor plan.

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First floor plan.

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South and west elevations.

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Section drawings.

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