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Design Inspiration From Greece

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Three spectacular holiday destinations from Greece are each expertly imagined by K Studio architects. This set of holiday dreams are all based around a deep love of traditional Cycladic culture. Indoor-outdoor living areas where family and friends can come together to enjoy the slow life and mother nature’s beauty has proved paramount. This wonderful Greek essence is present across expansive sundecks and pool terraces, and light filled airy interiors. Natural build materials of local stone, timber and limestone bridge the gap between the rustic traditional and the luxurious contemporary.

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On the island of Santorini, a site with spectacular sunset views became the location of a new hotel for the successful Canaves resort brand.

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The Canaves Oia Epitome is the first hotel in this part of the island that offers open unrestricted views without the spatial restrictions usually found within the Caldera.

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Pretty gardens colour the site. Century old olive trees are employed by landscape designers to add interest and anchor spaces–we’re guessing this one would probably precede the two world wars!

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An imposing U-shaped concrete and brick structure already existed, so the architects set about making adjustments without compromising the overall built area. It was broken into several smaller parts, which were redistributed around the site with room to breath.

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A second restaurant was added, which was made accessible to non-residents via an extensive pergola entrance.

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Build reconfiguration reset 24 room individual room designs. The perception of space was increased without actually making the suites any bigger. Enclosed and semi-enclosed living spaces were arranged, reminiscent of Cycladic culture.

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A series of local stone-clad additions now blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor living, a perfect combination for the heat of the Greek summer. Stone walls fold around pool terraces to give privacy, and provide outdoor daybed platforms with shade and wind shelter.

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The walls direct the viewpoint to the sea.

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Inside, the hotel room palette is light, cool and comfortable.

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Black accents tie the hotel interior with the black stone that builds its walls.

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A stone shelter holds the external dining room, with an arched opening to frame the view.

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The concrete patio is layered to include a sunken outdoor lounge.

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The peaceful sitting area looks out to the sunset.

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Each large 4-bedroom suite has a private villa-like feel, giving guests a sense of private, personal space.

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Roof planting merges the hotel with its environment. A landscaping concept of strategically placed rocks has been designed to minimise the visible footprint of concrete structures.

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Santorinian stone connects the build with its locality.

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Villa Mandra in Mykonos, Greece, is almost entirely hidden from view on the ridge of the hill of Aleomandra. The 6-bedroom holiday house has been built for a young couple to enjoy with family and friends.

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The Villa looks straight out to sea, and to the neighbouring island of Delos.

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A stone-walled garden screens it from the road behind.

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Its grounded viewpoint blends into sensitive landscaping.

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The overwhelming intensity of the climate has is filtered through shades.

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Two simple white volumes stand perfectly flat and smooth, and juxtaposed in texture by hand-built stone walls. Traditional lime-wash, stone and wood have been applied to the un-nostalgic architecture around a courtyard living space, to bridge Cycladic heritage with contemporary life.

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The house rests with the idea of laid-back summer living, and mindful connection with family friends.

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Form follows emotion rather than function, with every space delivered as opportunity for reflection and freedom to be within nature. The outdoor dining table is just another one of these spots, privileged with spectacular views of the landscape and open water.

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An outdoor sofa neighbours the large dining table, under an expansive chestnut pergola. A rug and some nesting coffee tables make up an inviting living room layout.

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Another lounge awaits just inside, where the same peaceful neutral palette smooths across the sofa and natural timber coffee table. A black swing arm wall lamp adds a brief moment of sharp modernity.

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Shades of cream and brown paint a relaxing bedroom scheme.

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Bedside wall sconces and a matching table lamp add brass accents.

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Cream drapes billow romantically at the terrace door.

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Simple wooden furniture is key in the character of the house.

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Our last tour takes us to Kalesma, which is not so much a hotel but a village in the traditional Mykonian sense. The local saying foretells that when a couple marry they make a village, a home that will grow over the years with each generation…

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… Kalesma is a reinterpretation of the extended family home concept, updating it to an intimate hospitality destination that allows guests to come connect with Cycladic culture.

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The uppermost part of the site is assigned to communal areas, a wellness area and boutique, so that the views can be appreciated as the guests relax, swim and dine.

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Accommodations include 25 suites and 2 villas, each with their own pool terrace. A small courtyard entryway provides a place to de-sand with an external shower.

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The internal and external spaces of the suites are equal in size and fluidly connected.

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A sunken bathtub stretches out by the view.

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The ‘village’ of whitewashed studios and villas are scattered to pixelate the landscape. This hill on the north-west part of the island is positioned perfectly to enjoy views of both the sunrise in the east, and sunset in the west. A traditional circular stone Aloni has been repurposed as a meditative platform from which to enjoy nature’s daily show.

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