Using Colour In Moderation In Small Spaces

Using Colour In Moderation In Small Spaces

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Sparse colour tantalises in these four small interior designs, used in moderation so as not to overwhelm the limits of each space. Neutral decor remains dominant to paint the illusion of increased volume, and guide more natural light throughout. The studio apartments all measure under 40 square metres, so you’ll also discover some super resourceful layouts at play here. Dynamic storage systems prevent the limited living areas from becoming overwhelmed with belongings, whilst clever layouts divide space effectively to conquer small home challenges. Stay tuned for a cube lounge, a closet-cum-kitchen, and a disappearing dining table.

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  • Visualizer: AE Architects
Red mood lights burn from inside the confines of this enclosed lounge cube, set within a 38 square metre apartment in Moscow. Wood slatted walls give greater depth to the room-within-a-room, which encapsulates a neutral chaise lounge and small side table.

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The TV fills the width of a narrow support wall between the home entryway and the kitchen. From the living area, the television’s edge to edge fit makes it look like a decorative black border against plain white paintwork.

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A unique bookshelf design is strung ceiling to floor beside the TV narrow wall, creating a sculptural element.

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The small entryway is utilised as a dressing area with a floating shelf and a pouf vanity seat. A custom cut mirror fills the small setup with reflective light.

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Stark monochrome shapes the kitchen design, with a white marble island and commanding black swivel bar stools. A black pendant light and black track lights draw the contrasting accent upwards.

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A grey bedroom pendant light snakes down the corner of the room. A pale grey bed perfectly matches the cushiony sofa design inside the neighbouring slatted ‘cube’. Beige drapes complement the warm tone of the wooden slatted wall.

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Floating furniture keeps limited floor space looking clear and spacious. A unique wall shelf makes an interesting focal point for the bedroom

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A simple white wall unit underlines the checkerboard shelves.

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  • Visualizer: Zrobym
This 40 square metre minimalist studio design in Novaja Baravaja, Minsk, Belarus, focusses on function. A crisp modern sofa is centred in a space that’s edged with plentiful concealed storage, and a clean white kitchen.

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Two small but stylish pendants brighten the dining bar, as well as making it a more prominent feature within the sparse room layout.

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A white faucet and matching appliances blend quietly with white kitchen cabinets and worktops.

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The storage wall flows seamlessly into the kitchen, with the final cabinets housing a refrigerator and an integrated microwave.

  • 16 |
Custom cabinet handles were designed for the client.

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The minimalist home office desk has wheels so that it can be easily repositioned around the room for other activities.

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The L-shaped kitchen is unobtrusive in the layout, yet comfortable in size.

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A wardrobe block screens the bedroom from direct view of the home entryway.

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There is a different decor vibe in the bedroom nook, where mauve accent pillows vibe with the warmth of chocolatey wood veneer.

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The grey and wood tone colourway of the bedroom pendant light matches those opposite in the kitchen, to maintain a sense of unity in the open plan layout. The bedside table offers up some vital storage for the limited space.

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Inside the bathroom, shades of white expand its sense of volume.

  • 23 |
A separate shower was made possible by pushing the enclosure back into the bedroom’s wardrobe cavity.

  • 25 |
Barn doors stylishly close off the small bedroom, though an exposed brickwork headboard wall presents an attractive feature when left on display.

  • 26 |
A combination of units bridge the TV wall, and build a homey display of books and knick-knacks.

  • 27 |
A tall sofa table acts as a room divider, separating off the walkway from the entryway and the open plan kitchen diner.

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Yellow wall cabinets completely transform the vibe of the simple small kitchen design, making it seem larger than its actual proportions.

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Despite the home’s limited floor area, there is a dedicated home workspace, and even a gym wall.

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Stunning tiles make an eye catching feature behind a shoe cabinet in the entryway.

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The tile effect makes beautiful contradiction with the oak planking of the living room.

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Perforated panels build a unique look around the walls of the bathroom.

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  • Visualizer: Nica Design
Muted apricot elements colour this high ceilinged 32 square metre apartment.

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A modern staircase mirrors the muted apricot finish of the storage system. White framework cleanly outlines the glass balustrade of the mezzanine, and lays out the banister. The white accents continue to freshen down in the living room, with a crisp round coffee table and white desk chair.

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A pocket door conceals the bathroom.

  • 38 |
Industrial concrete cools apricot infusions.

  • 39 |
Modern wall sconces flank a cushiony bed up on the mezzanine. Box shelves provide useful and decorative function.

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Studio apartment layout with mezzanine.

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